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The Art of Wax

Album Release Campaign

The Art of Wax is my personal foray into the world of hip-hop, combining original lyrics with found vocals and sonic collages that push the limits of sample-based music.

The project consists of digital cover-art, a limited-edition cassette release, a branded SoundCloud page, and merchandise designs.

Art of Wax Digital Cover
Art of Wax Tape Cover
Art of Wax Tape Contents
Jambuster SoundCloud Page
Jambuster Merch
Jambuster Merch
Jambuster Merch

Hey there. I'm James, a Winnipeg-based graphic designer who strives to create communicative and evocative experiences across both digital and physical mediums.

I'm a recent graduate of Red River College’s advanced graphic design program, specializing in Swiss-modernist inspired work with an edge to it.

I am passionate about creating effective and exciting design solutions across many mediums, including web/interaction design, print design, and identity design.