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User Experience and Prototyping

Amble, designed with accessibility issues and WCAG accessibility standards in mind, helps users get from A to B safely. Amble enables users to travel safely through allowing their trips to be monitored by trusted contacts via GPS.

I designed the user-experience and low-fidelity prototypes for this product, while playing a supporting role in producing the final interface designs. The branding and marketing was managed by Manny Berkal-Sarbit, while the high-fidelity interface designs were handled by Alicia Feakes.

View the InVision prototype here:

Interface Considerations

Amble was designed with high value-contrast, large buttons, and simple interfaces. It is intended to be usable by those with mild motor-skill issues, vision issues, colour blindness, learning disabilities, and other accessibility challenges.

With this in mind, Amble often uses descriptive buttons with iconography and appropriate colour coding to help clarify the app's functions for people with differing needs such as those with colour-blindness and dyslexia.

Form Design

The digital forms shown here demonstrate how Amble handles information-dense screens, using colour-and value contrast to clearly denote selections while eliminating the need for potentially difficult gestures such as excessive tapping and precise swiping/scrolling.

Trip Interface

Amble makes use of Google Maps' API, saving development costs while simultaneously employing a tried and tested, reliable tracking system.

Its interface for use during trips has a clutter free screen with a collapsible menu section positioned in the top-left in order to avoid accidental taps.

Safety Alerts

Amble utilises the IPhone's built-in sensors to predict if the app's user could be in danger. These sensors will trigger a safety warning when met with a sudden jerking motion, a sudden increase in speed, or a prolonged halt in movement. The user can also elect to call their emergency contact or 911 if they feel unsafe.

Recycle Manitoba

Hey there. I'm James, a Winnipeg-based graphic designer who strives to create communicative and evocative experiences across both digital and physical mediums.

I'm a recent graduate of Red River College’s advanced graphic design program, specializing in Swiss-modernist inspired work with an edge to it.

I am passionate about creating effective and exciting design solutions across many mediums, including web/interaction design, print design, and identity design.